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Sir Raphael Merlotte, Prior and

Knight Grand Commander


Reverend Sir Christian Bates, Preceptor


Reverend Dame Janis Oulfkih, Preceptor



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For in the end there was war, famine, and disease - As I reached out to man to save, yet they were not in need of a savior, they were in need of an education, the truth beyond the walls of corruption, whereby greed had taken over every living thing


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Dedicated to the true path of Templars

70A Station Road, March, Cambridgeshire. Tel 01354 278723

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Spiritual Warriors in a modern world

Knight's Temple is a diverse group of religious warriors in the United Kingdom. Our Order welcomes both men and women to explore their inner self and discover the lies of this world, fed to all with the help of leaders and in particular Governments.

We are determined to complete the work of the Knights Templar by working toward unity, whilst demonstrating how scriptures have been 'diluted' over many centuries for the greed of a few.
Knight's Temple is dedicated to living by the code of Spiritual Warriors, a way of life that fears none and has pure focus in enlightenment for all.

Knight's Temple is associated with The Sanctuary and the Yazidis Enlightenment


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'For now is the time and this is the hour.'









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